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Four Great Reasons for Microentrepreneurs to move from WordPress to Blogger

In Uncategorized on January 28, 2010 at 8:00 am

4 Reasons why this blog is moving from WordPress to Blogger

1. Revenue opportunities – In addition to blogging about art and jewelry, I also write about books a great deal because I read a great deal, and the ideas I encounter in books sometimes influence my art practice. In addition to writing a lot about books, I also buy a lot of books–usually from Amazon. This got me thinking, is there a way to profit from all the free advertising I’m giving Amazon when I blog about their books? Turns out there is: it’s called an Amazon Astore, which is an online bookstore comprised of the books you recommend. Naturally, I wanted to have an Astore on this WordPress blog where I’ve been blogging since 2007. But blogs won’t let you tweak their blog code whereas blogger does.

2. Sweet Blogger Templates – There’s no use in having a free blog if it looks cheap. One of the reasons I moved from Blogger to WordPress (back in 2007) is because Blogger has awful basic templates whereas has sweet templates. However, things have changed since 2007, and there are a lot of designers out there offering fantastic free blogger templates, which you can upload to blogger and tweak if you know a little CSS and XML. Even if you don’t know CSS and XML, if you know what you want to do, say widen your header, you can Google it and find fairly simple instructions. (I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s not so simple. It took me 6 days of trial and error to figure out how to create a static page on Blogger and widen my footer margins on my new Blogger blog. But I did it; persistence pays off.)

3. Google-Blogger partnership – Because Google owns Blogger, and they’ve partnered with Amazon, it’s like they’re begging you to make money from their free blogs. Google Adsense and Amazon Associates opportunities can be had with a click of the button. One thing missing from Blogger blogs is Stats. You want to know how many hits your blog is getting right? Well with WordPress, your blog stats are conveniently on your dashboard. Not so with Blogger, but is all lost? No. You can get your Blogger blog stats by creating a Google Analytics account.

So, as soon as I finish copying & pasting all 2 years of blog posts from WordPress to Blogger, I will no longer be blogging here. The Love Kill Monster blog at Blogger will be private so that I can focus on the process of making work without concern for how viewers might perceive works in process. It’s been a wonderful journey. Thank you for visiting.


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